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Welcome to "PassPro." A powerful password manager and online vault that knows nothing about you and your data. The site is based on encrypting passwords Cryptology engine that allows you to manage an unlimited number of accounts in different sites in one click.

Attention: Encryption engine relies on cryptology algorithm encrypts your passwords in 128-bit and reconstruction cannot be viewed as part of your perfect privacy.

Everything you submit is locally encrypted by your browser before being transmitted to PassPro. The encryption key is a known only to you! It is impossible for anyone without that key to decrypt your data.

Here are some of the advantages of the system.

1. Manage an unlimited number of accounts on a single website.

2. The software removes you from the headache to remember the password and allows you to automatically login into the sites.

3. an effective single sign-on solution.

4. Total privacy - passwords encrypted 128 bit algorithm Cryptology so you are protected from intrusions and unauthorized accesses your account.

5. store and manage your passwords and online credentials.

6. protect all your sensitive data: codes for burglar alarms, PINs, credit card numbers.

7. access it any time from any computer.

8. no software to download and nothing to install.

9.your secrets are locally encrypted by your browser before being uploaded to PassPro.

10.the encryption key is a passphrase known only to you.

11. PassPro hosts your sensitive data in encrypted form and could never actually access the data in its plain form.

12. ability to export all sensitive data localy in a csv format.


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